Rubra On The Swan

The owners of Rubra on the Swan, a new waterfront cafe on the Swan River foreshore, knew they wanted outdoor shutters for their al fresco dining area, but they didn’t know just what a dramatic difference it would make to their business.

Rubra is situated right next door to the historic WA Rowing Club, a beautifully restored weatherboard building built in 1905 and which is one of the last remaining ‘floating’ boathouses in the world. The owners wanted an outdoor shutter design that was in keeping with their neighbour’s coastal Hamptons style and riverside location, but which also offered full weather protection for their patrons.

Another consideration was that the boathouse is heritage-listed and so the choice of shutters needed to meet the design parameters of this historically significant property. Luckily, the rowing club were very accommodating and welcomed the cafe’s upgrades.

On the back of a recommendation from a colleague, the owners of Rubra got in touch with Bozzy Shade Blinds and the two parties worked closely together to design a long-term solution that would provide patrons with full protection against inclement weather but which would also allow the area to be opened up completely in the warmer months. The space also had to be modern, comfortable and sufficiently secure so that the furniture didn’t have to be packed away every night.

Once the design had been finalised, it only took two days for the Bozzy team to complete the installation - and the effect on the cafe’s business has been just as quick.

According to Rubra, the new indoor/outdoor space has had a dramatic effect on their business with increases in both customer numbers and revenues - and the upward trend looks set to continue.

According to Steve from Bozzy, Rubra’s decision to choose a high-quality product which is guaranteed to perform over the long-term has already paid dividends. “The advantages of going for a locally made product which is tried-and-tested to handle even the toughest Australian conditions are immense,” he said. “Now, visitors to Rubra can have a bite to eat and an award-winning coffee while enjoying some of the finest views in Perth all year round - winter or summer - thanks to their comfortable, stylish and secure new indoor/outdoor space.”


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