Little Way Café
Alfresco Retractable Roof

When the owners of The Little Way restaurant in Nedlands installed Bozzy to protect their patrons from morning sun and inclement weather, they didn’t expect quite such a rapid return on their investment.

Little Way is housed in a heritage building that offers plenty of charm, lush outdoor gardens and streetside dining and the owners had searched online for a roof system that would complement its style and enable them to maximise their patron numbers even in bad weather.

They’d seen the videos of the Tera retractable roof system on Bozzy Blinds’ website and liked the concept of the retractable blinds which offered year-round flexibility. Guest could enjoy the open air on cooler days and be fully protected from rain, wind and blazing heat when necessary.

The owners also didn’t want to lose too much light, so initially they wanted clear PVC for the blinds. However, they weren’t aware that the system was available in translucent materials and so the Bozzy team was eventually able to persuade them that the smarter option would be black Soltis fabric for the blinds.

It turned out to be absolutely the right option and the owners are extremely pleased with the great texture of the roof materials and how easy it is to use the system.

Little did they realise just how significant the impact of Bozzy’s Tera Roof system would be. They’re particularly delighted because the roof system proved to be a winner during Perth’s unusually long wet and cold winter, making the outdoor courtyard fully functional even in the most inclement conditions. ”It almost paid for itself after the winter/spring we have had!” they said.

The restaurant owners were also very happy with the Perth agency’s professional installation which went without a hitch.

If you’re interested in completely watertight retractable blinds which are strong enough to withstand all the elements (including winds up to 117km/h), talk to Bozzy about our Tera Roof System. The high grade extruded aluminium profiles are available in a range of styles and colours to suit any domestic or commercial application and both the system and the installation come with a full 5-year warranty.


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